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With our vocabulary trainer and interactive chat, you can train your long-term memory quickly and efficiently - wherever and whenever you want!

This is how the app works

Learn German, English, French, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese with SaBeLoVu. Whether as a beginner or as an advanced learner, whether at home or on the way – with SaBeLoVu you will always find the right words and sentences for your favourite topics. SaBeLoVu supports you in your learning project!

The dictionary

In the dictionary you will find well over 100 categories on every imaginable topic. You can choose from thousands of words and sentences and save them as favourites. You can also use the search function to display all entries for a specific word as a vocabulary card. This is how you improve yourself continuously in your preferred language.

The vocabulary trainer

Do you think the pronunciation is particularly difficult? Don’t worry! With the vocabulary trainer you can listen to all words and sentences on the vocabulary cards and improve your pronunciation. By the way, SaBeLoVu works only with real native speakers – you won't find computer voices here.

The chat as a tandem for your learning language

In the internal chat you have the option of sending vocabulary and sentence cards to friends or learning partners with the same language combination as in a tandem: This is how you train your pronunciation because your language partner corrects you or gives you feedback. In this way, you will learn the correct pronunciation from the beginning. You also bring the wide world into your home because you meet people from other countries.

Content of the app

The categories are arranged in alphabetical order. So, you can quickly find what you need.










Our team

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English voice

Sofia Lai

Italian voice

Pedro Martinez

Spanish voice

Sofia Rosito

Portuguese voice


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